Shoes that are Made for the gym….


Over the Past few days i have noticed a LOT of guys wearing work out shoes on a regular basis, and i would just like to ask them to STOP! They were made for the gym, and thats where they should stay. The only exceptions I have is for men over 55 who have back problems and obese lesbians who dont know any better, other than that I have NO patience for these shoes.

Recent Polls have shown that men who wear sneakers all the time never have girl friends…. ok so maybe that wasnt an actual poll, but I bet that if someone took that poll, my prediction would be right. It makes me sad to see a pair of sketchers wandering around in the Gap, so please please please please but a pair of normal shoes, and join the rest of society!

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Pop culture

So… Apparently Kevin Jonas is engaged to some hoe! YAY

jonasWhich I would find REALLY exciting, if he liked women. But to me he is way to out there and way to interested in his pointy toe shoes to small for him vests to pay any attention to a woman. As happy as I am for him trying to like woman, I think my advice would be for him to come out, and for her to come on….

And secondly I saw this magazine while waiting in the dentists office….

N7O9G2P_largeOk, now I am VERY sorry that she was “bulimic”, but i find it kinda hard to believe… i mean… she was on like 2 episodes, she def wasnt a main character, and if she was on an episode she was like scratching her crotch in the back of the scene, not providing much of that Hills drama. I laughed out loud when I read the caption “the agony of working with the skinny girls” I mean really, she DIDNT WORK with them, she just sat around and caused a little unneeded and unwanted drama. My verdict is that this girl needs to get intouch with reality and find a real job



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Paula Deen, the Butter Queen

Loews Lincoln SquareWhen you look at this stunning face, you would never guess that she is cooking queen of the food network. Well you would guess it now, because you know who it is, but if you saw it before you knew who she was, you would have no idea who she was.

Now what is it that makes Paula the stunning queen of the midnight snack? I believe that under her layers of deep fried skin, there is a huge heart, pumping butter instead of blood, and that huge heart puts itself into everything she makes, and I feel that she is a totally relatable host. I feel like I know you paula….

on a side note, I saw this and was not happy with Paula…

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Ugly People on Facebook

Have you ever noticed that Ugly people dont put pictures of themselves as their profile pics on facebook?

It SO true! Instead they put pictures of strange anime charactersweird Profile pic

 or a “funny Picture”funny-cat-shower

Or a Fat Girls….FatGirl_FatFriday_Swimsuit_10Nov06

I know I’m about to look at an ugly person page from the second I see their profile pic…. So to all you less than beautiful people out there, my advice is to own you look, because you arent fooling anyone with that awkward picture of two cartoon characters kissing

I rest my case



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Hello Fellow Humans/Oprah/Michael Jackson

How are you?


Well im just swell, than you for asking. 

So i started this blog out of desperation for something to do, but I am hoping to turn it into an enterpirze that will make me as big as Oprah… No screw Oprah im gonna be BIGGER than Oprah… well not literally bigger than her, because that would be quite a large weight gain for me…. but metophorically she will be an ant, and I will be the giant black woman.

Now The first thing i would like to talk about is michael jackson. Now I am very sorry that he has passed… but at the same time i think its crazy how many people now care about him. Before he died, he was the brunt of so many jokes, everyone laughed at him including myself. But now that he has died all the people that made fun of him and made his life a living hell are his biggest fans. I just find it very hypocrititcal…..

Now I would be one of the first people to make a nose joke about him, but now, that he has passed I feel a lot of remorse for the falled pop star. My heart goes out to his family, friends, fans and nose.

Till next time



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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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