Hello Fellow Humans/Oprah/Michael Jackson

How are you?


Well im just swell, than you for asking. 

So i started this blog out of desperation for something to do, but I am hoping to turn it into an enterpirze that will make me as big as Oprah… No screw Oprah im gonna be BIGGER than Oprah… well not literally bigger than her, because that would be quite a large weight gain for me…. but metophorically she will be an ant, and I will be the giant black woman.

Now The first thing i would like to talk about is michael jackson. Now I am very sorry that he has passed… but at the same time i think its crazy how many people now care about him. Before he died, he was the brunt of so many jokes, everyone laughed at him including myself. But now that he has died all the people that made fun of him and made his life a living hell are his biggest fans. I just find it very hypocrititcal…..

Now I would be one of the first people to make a nose joke about him, but now, that he has passed I feel a lot of remorse for the falled pop star. My heart goes out to his family, friends, fans and nose.

Till next time



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