Pop culture

So… Apparently Kevin Jonas is engaged to some hoe! YAY

jonasWhich I would find REALLY exciting, if he liked women. But to me he is way to out there and way to interested in his pointy toe shoes to small for him vests to pay any attention to a woman. As happy as I am for him trying to like woman, I think my advice would be for him to come out, and for her to come on….

And secondly I saw this magazine while waiting in the dentists office….

N7O9G2P_largeOk, now I am VERY sorry that she was “bulimic”, but i find it kinda hard to believe… i mean… she was on like 2 episodes, she def wasnt a main character, and if she was on an episode she was like scratching her crotch in the back of the scene, not providing much of that Hills drama. I laughed out loud when I read the caption “the agony of working with the skinny girls” I mean really, she DIDNT WORK with them, she just sat around and caused a little unneeded and unwanted drama. My verdict is that this girl needs to get intouch with reality and find a real job



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  1. ohhh, what would I do without your pop culture commentary, errc? lol.

  2. eric, youre my favorite person EVER.

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