Shoes that are Made for the gym….


Over the Past few days i have noticed a LOT of guys wearing work out shoes on a regular basis, and i would just like to ask them to STOP! They were made for the gym, and thats where they should stay. The only exceptions I have is for men over 55 who have back problems and obese lesbians who dont know any better, other than that I have NO patience for these shoes.

Recent Polls have shown that men who wear sneakers all the time never have girl friends…. ok so maybe that wasnt an actual poll, but I bet that if someone took that poll, my prediction would be right. It makes me sad to see a pair of sketchers wandering around in the Gap, so please please please please but a pair of normal shoes, and join the rest of society!

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  1. those look exactly like the sketchers a certain boyfriend of mine used to wear… he hasn’t had a gf since— U KNOW WHO IM TALKIN ABOUT E

  2. I have to argue a single point here. You left out runners! I know my honey needs to wear certain running shoes/cross trainers to keep his arch from breaking down in the off-season. Although if he didn’t have a legitimate reason for always wearing them I would verbally attack him until he bought normal shoes.

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