The Fat Girl Complex

fat-bikiniI recently returned from vacation, in which there were many days spent by the pool. During this week of fun in the sun, I had moment of horror. Fat girl, after fat girl walked passed me in the smallest bathing suits possible…. I had to run to the bathroom 7 or 8 times in fear of vomiting, but I digress. What I would like to know is why these girls find the need to wear such small items of clothing? Why not cover up the many rolls, and cottage cheese ass with a cute one piece that makes you look semi attractive? Or wear a cover up when not in the water? I think that these girls think that if they try to wear the same suits as skinny girls they will become a skinny girl… or maybe their mirrors at home are broken… either way i hope that someday they learn that less is not more, and to work with what they have got.

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