My Blog: Plane Edition.

Ok, first of all I would like to apologize for not blogging, I am a horrible person…

But enough of my self Loathing, time for a new subject to talk about:

Actually I have a few mini topics:

1: how in the hell do flight atendants wear heels and skirts the whole flight… they must not be human, cuz i know that if i had to do that… i would die.. not that i wear heels…a lot…

2: why are all gay men bitchy?? ok not ALL gay men, but most are. and I dont understand why? like… i dont get it. maybe its the constant struggle to say “hip”, or that they pores are clogged more that a drain, or the frequent douchings that stress them out… Thoughts? All i know is that gay men scare me… HELLA.

3: Mikas new Cd is kinda amazing so everyone needs to buy it

4: Anyone over this thanksgiving thing? Im all for eating more than i should on a daily basis, so whats the need for the holiday? Plus it seems stressful to host thanksgiving… who wants to cook for 10000000 people and spend the next 3 days cleaning? OOO PLEASE PICK ME! ….. not….


Happy Holidays….

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